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Published February 29, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Killer Mike is a rap artist, a true M.C., and out spoken political/community activist.  He openly endorses Bernie Sanders for President, and recommends all black people – males in particular should read the following three books:

1. Mama Black Widow – by Ice Berg Slim.

Former Pimp turned author – Ice Berg Slim (formal name Robert Beck) is now deceased.  He wrote this fictional memoir, which tells the gritty story of the trials and tribulations of a black drag queen, Otis Tilson, who moved from the Deep South to depression-era Chicago ghetto.

2. The Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglas – An American Slave – by Frederick Douglas


This book was recommended to understand the world from a different perspective other than the Civil Right Era perspective.

3. Black Reconstruction- by W.E.B. Du Bois

Killer Mike explained how this book will shed light on the mistakes that were made in not supporting Marcus Garvey’s efforts to repatriate black people to Africa.  

If you haven’t had the chance to read these selections, check them out and provide feedback and or more titles That may be enlightening to our people.


Published February 28, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

The Oscars are over and the highlight of the night was…..Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar for his role in The Revenant.  As for Chris Rock as host, some will say he did a FANTASTIC job with his humor and candor…while others would reduce him to Coon of the year.  I didn’t watch Oscars, I only saw clips, but from what I saw, I wasn’t too proud.  Him making a mockery of black people would absolutely go over as a success to the Oscar audience.  He poked fun at Jada Pinkett Smith for saying she was boycotting the Oscars and said it was like “him boycotting Rihanna’s panties…he wasn’t invited”.  He interviewed a woman from (a black woman) who many would call ghetto with purplish hair, and a lighter in her hand to match, about the people who won deserving it.  

Then there was Stacey Dash, and her “Happy Black History Month” comment followed by a very awkward silence…more like crickets.   

Yep, her face says it all about Stacey and the fact they had the nerve to put her ass up there to say that.  A true slap in the face to black folks.  Oh…but he did end the night with #BlackLivesMatter so 🙄. Thanks Chris.  I guess.



Published February 27, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Today in 2016, a KKK rally took place.  Three people were stabbed, including one who was critically wounded, and 13 were arrested when a Ku Klux Klan rally in Anaheim erupted in violence Saturday, police said.

A group of people representing the Klan had announced that it would hold a rally at Pearson Park at 1:30 p.m., police said. By 11 a.m., several dozen protesters showed up at the park to confront the Klan.

About an hour later, several men in black garb with Confederate flag patches arrived and were escorted by police around the edge of the park.

Violence erupted and some of the protesters could be seen kicking a man whose shirt read “Grand Dragon.” At some point, a protester collapsed on the ground bleeding, crying that he had been stabbed.

A Klansman in handcuffs could be heard telling a police officer that he “stabbed in self-defense.” Several other people were also handcuffed.

Witnesses said the Klansmen used the point of a flagpole as a weapon while fighting with protesters.
Two other people were stabbed during the melee, said Sgt. Daron Wyatt of the Anaheim Police Department. One of those was a protester but the identity of the other victim was not clear.

Two Klansmen and three protesters were arrested following the fracas.

Kobe Sato, 18, of Anaheim said a crowd swarmed the KKK members when they arrived at the park and began to display Confederate flags.
Brian Levin, director of CSU San Bernardino’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism, said he was standing next to the man in the Grand Dragon shirt when a crowd of protesters carrying weapons swarmed the Klansmen.

A brawl broke out and one of the Klansmen was knocked to the ground and kicked. Levin said he later saw the man’s arm bleeding.

Levin said he pushed the Klan leader away as the violence continued and a protester was stabbed.
Levin said he asked the man, “How do you feel that a Jewish guy just saved your life?”
“Thank you,” the man replied, according to Levin.
A large crowd gathered at the park, with many demanding to know why Anaheim police did not have a larger presence at the scene before the violence broke out.
Levin was also critical of the lack of police presence prior to the melee.
“There were no police officers here when this started happening,” Levin said.
The Klan has a long and troubling history with the city. Klansmen were once the dominant political force in Anaheim, holding four of five City Council seats before a recall effort led to their ouster in 1924.

At the height of the group’s power in Orange County, nearly 300 Klansmen lived in Anaheim, patrolling city streets in robes and masks. A large KKK rally once attracted 20,000 people to the city.

KKK activity nationwide has decreased dramatically in recent decades, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which estimated the group has between 5,000 and 8,000 members across the country.

The group’s activities have been sporadic in Southern California in recent years. Last summer, at least 100 residents of Whittier and Fullerton awoke to find packets containing KKK fliers, rife with racist rhetoric, and candy in their driveways. A Santa Ana neighborhood was also blanketed with KKK fliers on Martin Luther King Jr. Day last year, police said.
An eight-foot cross was burned outside the home of a black man in Anaheim Hills in 2003, and the FBI investigated the case as a hate crime, but police did not specifically link that case to the KKK.

Now this took place today, white supremacist in a historic hate group, not the black panther party, but KKK members rally and resort to violence, yet the FBI has no interest in shutting them down, and they actually receive police protection to spew and spread their hatred.  Clear case of white privilege.  As much as many love to remain in denial, white supremacy and racism is alive and thriving daily.  What’s the solution to this?  They have the law on their side, but, what do we have???? 


Published February 24, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

 Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay damages to the family of a woman who died of cancer she said was caused by the company’s talcum powder.

Lawyers for the family say a jury in St Louis, Missouri, awarded $72 million in damages.

Jackie Fox died of ovarian cancer in 2015, aged 62, two years after being diagnosed with the illness. Her family said she used Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder for nearly 50 years, and claimed her death was a direct result.

The family argued the company knew about the possible risks of using products containing talc, but failed to warn consumers about them.

The case is part of a wider lawsuit brought by nearly 50 women against Johnson & Johnson.

Responding to the verdict, Johnson & Johnson issued a statement saying its products are safe.

“The recent U.S. verdict goes against decades of sound science proving the safety of talc as a cosmetic ingredient in multiple products, and while we sympathize with the family of the plaintiff, we strongly disagree with the outcome,” Carol Goodrich, a Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman, said in a statement sent to CNN.

 Talc is a naturally occurring mineral composed of magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen. It’s used to absorb moisture in many kinds of cosmetic products, from baby powder to make up.
Scientists are divided over the potential risks of talc. Lawyers for Fox’s family presented several studies they said prove the link between talc and ovarian cancer. Other studies say the evidence is too weak to make the connection.

The American Cancer Society says it is not clear if products containing talcum powder increase cancer risk. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, which is part of the World Health Organization, classifies talc as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Because products containing talcum powder are classified as cosmetics, they do not have to undergo review by the Food and Drug Administration. However, they must be properly labeled and “they must be safe for use by consumers under labeled or customary conditions of use,” the FDA states.

This is alarming and right on time.  People with babies, expecting babies, or just in general need to know what products are safe.  


Published February 23, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Half of black men who are gay and a quarter of Latino gay men will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetimes, if current trends continue, according to a first-of-its-kind analysis released Tuesday.
Gay and bisexual men, African-Americans, and people who live in the South have the highest risk of infection, according to the report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
death data from 2009 through 2013, the CDC projected the risk of HIV infection among certain groups of people and in every state. It presented the findings Tuesday at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston.
Overall, the lifetime risk of an HIV infection has dropped. Today it is 1 in 99. About a decade ago, the risk was 1 in 78.
Among other key findings:
— Among men who have sex with men, the risk of HIV infection is 1 in 6. But the risk varies by race. For black men who have sex with men, the risk is 1 in 2, for Latinos 1 in 4, and for whites 1 in 11.
— All African-American men have a lifetime risk of 1 in 20, compared with 1 in 132 for white men.
— Among people who inject drugs, the risk is 1 in 23 for women and 1 in 36 for men.
People in Washington, D.C., have the highest risk in the country, while people in North Dakota have the lowest. States with the highest risk are Maryland, Georgia, and Florida. Massachusetts ranks near the middle, with residents facing a lifetime risk of 1 in 121.
Actions can be taken to lower infection rates, said Dr. Jonathan Mermin, director of CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and Tuberculosis Prevention.
“The prevention and care strategies we have at our disposal today provide a promising outlook for future reductions of HIV infections and disparities in the US,” Mermin said in a statement.

I’m not surprised by these findings at all.  Black men should not engage in homosexual activity period.  These numbers prove the risk in doing so.

Black Gay stats


Published February 23, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

The United Kingdom (UK) credits “Kim Kardashian” for making Cornrows popular: But They are Calling Them “French Plaits” and “Boxer Braids” SMDH! MTV UK states that Kim Kardashin started a cornrows trend. Only they’re calling the hairstyle “Boxer Braids.”
The Twitter account for MTV UK posted an image of Kardashian sporting the look along with the caption: “The A-list are loving boxer braids right now, so here’s an easy way to do them yourself.”

The article linked in the tweet not only calls the cornrows “boxer braids” for no other reason than the fact that they apparently wanted to whitewash everything but also cites Kardashian as the founder of the trend, which has been worn by Hailey Baldwin and Kylie Jenner.
However to set the record straight – Black people have been rocking this trend for centuries.

White people love to embrace parts of black/African culture and take credit for making it popular or trendy.  Somehow on “us” it’s too urban or ghetto, yet when they do it it’s suddenly trendy and stylish.  This is why we call them culture vultures.  Thieves who steal without paying homage to the originators.  Nothing unusual, since this is historically a common practice in this country.

Pictured: Mbalantu tribe from the Namibia (Africa) taken over 100 years ago; Kim Kardashian and J-Lo with Braids taken a few months ago.



Published February 23, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

HARARE, Zimbabwe, Feb. 22 (UPI) — Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Monday ordered the expulsion of eight foreign diamond mining companies and turned over all mining operations to the newly formed, government-run Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Co.

Several companies abandoned their equipment, including: Anjin Investments Ltd., the Diamond Mining Co., Jinan Mining Ltd., Kusena Diamonds, Marange Resources Ltd. and Mbada Diamonds. These organizations were invited to nationalize their assets but they chose to stay as private entities and give up whatever little political capital was built up.
“Since they no longer hold any mining titles, these companies were notified this morning to cease all mining with immediate effect,” Zimbabwe Mines Minister Walter Chidakwa said.
Zimbabwe ranked ninth in total diamond output in the world with 4.7 million carats in 2014, according to the fourth annual report on the global diamond industry prepared by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre and Bain & Co. Last year, Zimbabwe’s production fell by 1.6 million carats and the government received $23 million in royalties and other fees from diamond mines, down from $84 million in 2014.

It’s about time Africans took control of their resources to further the wealth of their land.  The awakening is happening globally, and it’s a beautiful movement. 


Published February 23, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

The Memphis, Tennessee Police Department is threatening to demote dozens of African American police officers simply because they are standing up to racism in the department. Officials with the Memphis police say that African American cops would be forced to pay back money they earned after receiving promotions if they don’t back down from their claims against the department.
The Memphis Police Department has had a decades-long history of being criticized for their racism and discriminatory practices against African Americans in and off the police force. In recent decades, African American officers have claimed that they were deliberately passed up for promotions when they had been on the job longer, and had better records than some of the people who they were passed over for.
We have found records of such allegations, documented as far back as 1979. But by the early 2000s, a lawsuit against the department seemed to put a dent in the unwritten racist policies of the southern department.
A number of African American officers sued the department and won. They claimed that police officials used racially discriminatory tests in order to determine who would be promoted.
The African American officers challenged the test in 2006, which resulted in a district court ruling that the new test was in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, making it illegal for any employer to discriminate against employees based on race… That includes police departments.
After that decision, we started to finally see some African American cops promoted, but many still were not. Last fall, however, a federal appeals court over turned the lower court’s decision.
Officers are still able to continue the legal battle on appeal, but the city has said that if they do, they should be prepared for immediate demotion and suit for back pay. All of the money they have earned in their positions above the rate of an average beat cop would be required for repayment to the department if they continue to appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Nearly 30 of the 62 plaintiffs are facing these threats.
“The city wants to give an ultimatum: If you all continue on, we’re going to demote you back to patrolman,” Lt. Tyrone Currie, the treasurer of the Afro American Police Association Memphis branch said in an interview with the Huffington Post. “You should not retaliate against people just because they’re exercising their constitutional right to an appeal.”
Legal expert Samuel Bagenstos, a law professor at Pennsylvania State University, was shocked by the threats, saying it “doesn’t seem like the right result,”
Bagenstos said that the city is “interpreting what the court has said as giving them the authority to do what they want to do.”

This is outright blatant discrimination and a violation of civil rights.  These officers should brach off into their own police force by getting citizens to vote them in to a certain jurisdiction.  Not sure if it’s possible, but I think it’s worth a shot.


Published February 22, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

I was starting to wonder if baby Saint was real or some publicity stunt.  He’s so beautiful 💕💞💕. I have baby fever right now.  We always see pictures of North out and about with the family, yet no stroller or signs of baby Saint.  Well, he’s finally made his public debut for all of us curious folks.  So worth the wait 😍