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Published October 31, 2012 by sheezacoldpiece

Look.  I already know I can’t influence anyone’s vote but at least get out and VOTE!  This election is soooooo very important and yes, your vote DOES COUNT!!!!  So please, get  out and have a say about your rights.  It’s important folks.  Let’s do it!!!!

The Hoe Coalition

Published October 26, 2012 by sheezacoldpiece


Proud hoes stand up!


Hoes are real proud these days.  Here we have dusty leggings doing her best “Let the freak show begin” pose for MeekMill on Instagram for a mere stack of what??? Who knows…beans…coupons… coins…Mexican ones at that.  When will these young toss ups realize this right here is not cute.  So I’m telling these hoes today…IT’S ALWAYS BEST TO CHOOSE BITCH, NOT BE CHOSEN! Don’t let these rap fools hoematize you.  Real men love the ladies…not the hoes.