Published April 11, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Tony Elumelu is an African billionaire, philanthropist and a business man with a solid resume in economics. Due to his informative knowledge and training in economics, Elumelu will be utilizing his skills, abilities also the his empire where he sits on the board of Heirs Holdings and Transcorp to launch a new program spearheaded by his non-profit organization Tony Elumelu Foundation, to improve the state of Black economics and businesses in America. The program will also assist Africans and African-American entrepreneurs to reach the maximum and full potential of the corporations and companies they create and build.

In 2014, Tony Elumelu had a vision and partnered up with other African and American moguls, as well as prominent business men and women to develop a summit in Washington D.C., to address issues in economics affecting the Black community and present solutions to alleviate where most of the problems were. The summit also consisted of developing programs and organizations to foster opportunities for Africans and African-Americans to advance in economics, business and financial studies.
Elumelu’s vision is one of unity as well, in an effort to unite Africa and America with a solid business partnership to revise and aid in the progression of economics in Black communities across the nation. Tony strongly believes the programs that are being invested and launched will be rewarding for all those involve and will amplify not just the Black buying power, but also the Black investing power, to own and become leaders in entrepreneurship and businesses.
The Tony Elumelu Foundation has already put forth $100 million dollars in scholarships, education programs, funding and etc. to help entrepreneurs become their best and even achieve greatness in the business world. 

To apply or get more information, please visit TEF HOME

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