Published April 7, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Ray Lewis has a book coming out and needs the PR exposure. This privileged, elite athlete beat his manslaughter charges and is trying to find his lost mind after doing a deal with the system…All that preacher hollering without talking about the causes (defunding of education, lack of jobs, the new jim crow/mass incarceration, CIA began drug trafficking crack cocain in our Black communities – Reagan Iran Contra – Freeway Rick Ross), depression and lack of hope). Name a community with high employment, opportunities and credit scores over 700 with a high crime rate? I’ll wait. 
What about white on white murders? You don’t here about it because it doesn’t fit the propaganda narrative that our community is different than all other ethnic groups. Each ethnic group is more likely to be killed by someone of the same group. Also, Chicago’s corrupt Police Department has been killing and torturing false confessions from Black and Brown innocent citizens for decades with impunity. What percentage of deaths are attributed to criminal cops? It hurts to see anyone killed no matter what ethnic group. The solution is jobs, opportunities, community policing, local voting to control City Council and supporting businesses in the community.

His preacher mimicked sermon set many off on Twitter, here’s some of the comments:

Watch the video below to see his sermon, was he on point, or way off the mark….

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