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Published February 23, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

The United Kingdom (UK) credits “Kim Kardashian” for making Cornrows popular: But They are Calling Them “French Plaits” and “Boxer Braids” SMDH! MTV UK states that Kim Kardashin started a cornrows trend. Only they’re calling the hairstyle “Boxer Braids.”
The Twitter account for MTV UK posted an image of Kardashian sporting the look along with the caption: “The A-list are loving boxer braids right now, so here’s an easy way to do them yourself.”

The article linked in the tweet not only calls the cornrows “boxer braids” for no other reason than the fact that they apparently wanted to whitewash everything but also cites Kardashian as the founder of the trend, which has been worn by Hailey Baldwin and Kylie Jenner.
However to set the record straight – Black people have been rocking this trend for centuries.

White people love to embrace parts of black/African culture and take credit for making it popular or trendy.  Somehow on “us” it’s too urban or ghetto, yet when they do it it’s suddenly trendy and stylish.  This is why we call them culture vultures.  Thieves who steal without paying homage to the originators.  Nothing unusual, since this is historically a common practice in this country.

Pictured: Mbalantu tribe from the Namibia (Africa) taken over 100 years ago; Kim Kardashian and J-Lo with Braids taken a few months ago.