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Published January 30, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

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Published January 30, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

So the lingering question about the historic 17.5 million dollar sale of this film is…why didn’t Nate Parker sell this to Byron Allen for his 20 million dollar offer? Why let this film get in the hands of the white folks over at Fox Searchlight for 2.5 Million less than a black owned media company? Especially a film about a slave revolt?

I asked myself the same question until I gave it more thought.  I also read an article written in the Hollywood Reporter that gave me some much needed insight. Here are some excerpts from the article…

Birth came to Sundance with big expectations, with many major buyers seeing it as an Oscar contender, especially given the controversy surrounding the past two years of #OscarsSoWhite hashtags. Parker, 36, quit acting for two years to realize the passion project that he wrote, produced, directed and toplined. He put in $100,000 of his own money to fly around the country to talk to anyone who might want to finance it. A dozen investor groups — which included former NBA player Michael Finley and San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker — cobbled together the film’s $10 million budget.

For Parker, his main focus was not just the money, but finding the right fit for his film. “My responsibility to the project is to make sure to find a partner that is as passionate as we are about it socially, so if that meant we had to take less money, then those were conversations I was willing to have,” says Parker, who would not speak about specific suitors that did not submit the winning bid.

Multiple sources say there had indeed been a higher bid: Netflix offered $20 million for all rights but was insisting on a day-and-date streaming/theatrical release like it did with Beasts of No Nation last fall. At a Sundance fest that has been dominated by streamers Amazon and Netflix, such a massive offer must have been tantalizing. But sources say Parker and the producers wanted a large theatrical experience, so, similarly to the premiere, people would be rallied to action.

Parker says Searchlight was open to hearing all his ideas about how the film should be released, including his hope for it to be shown in high schools and colleges around the country. He opted for their package, then went to bed at around 6 a.m. (he had a panel in the morning) and let Taylor close the deal as the sun rose.

“It just felt like we were speaking the same language,” says Parker of Fox Searchlight. “There were sentences that were being finished on both sides, and the dialogue just flowed.”

The message is most important and black people need to see it. I understand the frustration with the film being sold to Fox Searchlight, but the reason for that is their ability to place it on a larger scale platform for more of “us” to see the film. Like it or not, whites still control the film industry. Searchlight put out 12 years a Slave and The Butler. To the naysayers…did you support those films? If so, that’s why he chose Fox. They agreed to have this film showcased at highschools and colleges. Byron Allen is currently suing the FCC for racial discrimination now, because they are not letting him through the door. We still have work to do people. 
So while we keep breaking down doors, let’s not block ourselves from getting our voices heard even while using their platform to do it.



Published January 30, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

By Autumn Asanté

While I was in the military, we had water purification units called ROWPU. These are Osmosis filtering units. We could provide purified water from any source no matter how polluted and regardless of any chemical present. We could do this for up to 50,000 troops. If we needed to provide for more troops just add more ROWPU units. — Why are we spending money going into the pockets of bottled water companies, not that the people don’t need it, but the military is capable of solving this issue immediately. Is this not the purpose of the federal government in times of crisis? We sent our units to aid others overseas before, why not to Flint???!!! — This problem is not only Flint. This is going to happen in cities all over this country, because the United States has not invested in its people or its infrastructure. And both are crumbling!!! We the people have paid for the solution to this and other problems with our taxes. These resources are not being employed by leadership or better yet, the lack thereof. While we are re-spending our money to rescue our people, WE must demand using the equipment and personnel already available to resolve this crisis no matter the expense. — This is the result of negligence and incompetence, and malice. We should not be asking for the resignation of the governor, rather for his execution. This is entirely unacceptable. As a parent, if someone knowingly poisoned your child, would you not demand capital punishment? Of course you would!!!


Published January 29, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Sad sad news of a marriage ending.  Perhaps it was that DM he got caught up with a while back that set it off.  Only these two really know, but it’s heartbreaking to see love lost and a family broken apart.  Apparently Epps has been separated for a year now, and finally decided to just end it and file dem papers.  Best of luck to both of them and their 2 daughters.   Here’s the story according to TMZ —

Mike Epps called it quits on his decade long marriage to wife, Mechelle.

Mike filed the divorce docs Tuesday in L.A. superior court … they’ve been married since July of 2005 but separated last summer.

Mike is asking for joint custody of their two daughters, Maddie and Mariah, ages 8 and 10. He’s reportedly worth $6 million having had roles in some huge flicks like “Next Friday,” “Hancock” and “The Hangover” … no word if there was a prenup.

Mike also has 2 other daughters from a previous relationship.


Published January 29, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

I know those damn Kardashians had a hand in this.  Trouble comes when you mess with them, and poor Chyna – Born as Angela Renee White is on the receiving end of Karmageddon. Kardashian controversy.  She was arrested today for public drunkeness on a plane and possession.

Keep it together Chyna…you can’t be out here slipping like this.  That drank is the devil. Smh.


Published January 29, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Are you ready for white America to be outraged all over again?  I don’t know if O.J. murdered his late wife and her lover…I just know he was acquitted.  Paul Mooney, the iconic writer and comedian said he knew O.J. And Nicole personally…and everyone who was anyone knew Nicole was a hoe with a drug problem.  He claims she was murdered behind drugs.  Anywho…will you be watching on Tuesday?  Peep the trailer below….