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Published April 5, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Oh boy! BlacRob is here for the shits and giggles most of us are getting from this.  She (soon to be Angela Reneé Kardashian) definitely said yes, and I’m here for all of the fuckery.  This family has a thing for dark meat, as all of the sisters with the exception of Kourtney Kardashian all have black mates.  Amber Rose is here for it also leaving this comment for the lovebirds…

The Kardashian clan has yet to respond and react to the news of this engagement.  Mama(Pimp) Kris is mighty quiet about her only son’s engagement.  I’m sure she’s sick about it…lol.

Tyga, the child predator/lover of Kylie Jenner/BLAC Chyna’s ex and sons father hasn’t made any comments yet either.  This whole debacle is a hot mess and all us petty folks are sitting back, popcorn in hand, watching the drama unfold.

Will there be a wedding? An actual wedding??? That will be the ultimate show, and if it happens, all hail Blac Chyna – the Queen of payback is a bitch! 

Oh, and props to Chyna for making Rob cute again, whipping him into shape and bringing him back to life.  That woman deserves that 7 carat VVS Rock.  Courtesy of Ben Baller.



Published April 5, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece


Blacks have been the guinea pigs of Western medical experiments for centuries now.
One of the more prominent experiments (that the public is aware of) was the Tuskegee syphilis experiment from the 1930s. Scientists studied poor Blacks in Alabama who’d contracted the venereal disease, but did not tell them they had the disease or do anything to cure them.
A similar study has come to the forefront and it involves one of the nation’s most prestigious medical institutions, John Hopkins University. A lawsuit filed in April alleges Johns Hopkins University and the Rockefeller Foundation helped conduct similar experiments in Guatemala from 1945 to 1956.

According to the lawsuit, orphans, inmates, psychiatric patients and prostitutes were deliberately infected with sexually transmitted diseases to determine what drugs, including penicillin, worked best in stopping the diseases. The subjects of the experiments were not told they had been infected, causing some to die and others to pass the disease to their spouses, sexual partners and children.


The lawsuit alleges the Rockefeller Foundation funded Johns Hopkins’ research into public health issues, including venereal disease, and employed scientists who monitored the Guatemala experiments. The suit also states that Johns Hopkins and the Rockefeller Foundation designed, supported and benefited from the Guatemala experiments.
The following experiments were performed.
Prostitutes were infected with venereal disease and then provided for sex to subjects for intentional transmission of the disease;

Subjects were inoculated by injection of syphilis spirochaetes into the spinal fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord, under the skin, and on mucous membranes;

An emulsion containing syphilis or gonorrhoea was spread under the foreskin of the penis in male subjects;

The penis of male subjects was scraped and scarified and then coated with the emulsion containing syphilis or gonorrhea;

A woman from the psychiatric hospital was injected with syphilis, developed skin lesions and wasting, and then had gonorrhoeal pus from a male subject injected into both of her eyes and;

Children were subjected to blood studies to check for the presence of venereal disease.

The suit has 774 plaintiffs, including people who were subjects in the experiments and their descendants, and seeks more than $1 billion in damages. This is the second attempt to collect damages.

In 2012, a class-action federal lawsuit was filed against the U.S. government over the Guatemala experiments conducted by the U.S. Public Health Service. It was dismissed, as the Guatemalans could not sue the United States for grievances that happened overseas. As of then, a new lawsuit has been filed in the Baltimore City Circuit Court.
Both John Hopkins University and the Rockefeller Foundation deny involvement, but do not deny that the experiments took place. In 2010, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton apologized to Guatemala for the experiments, saying they were “clearly unethical.”

I’m so disgusted, angry, and heartbroken by this, yet not surprised.  We have been hated as people, disrespected and abused for centuries.  I am forever distraught from from ever trusting a medical experiment or vaccine this country has to offer for obvious reasons.  No amount of money can cure the damage done to these people.  


Published March 30, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

When you can’t even name your child giving honor to your African roots due to racism, it makes you lose hope for humanity.  

With just one week of life, little Makeda is already facing the first fight of her life: having a civil registry. The name Makeda Foluke means Grandiose that is at the care of God, but even so, the girl, who was born on the 16th in the Casa de Parto David Capistrano Filho (House of Labor David Capistrano Filho, in Realengo, in the West Zone of Rio, still can’t be placed on her birth certificate. All because the registration office of the 2nd district of São João de Meriti, in the Baixada Fluminense region, understood, according to the girl’s parents, that the name would cause embarrassment for the child in the future. Makeda’s family believed they were the victim of racism.
“It’s a form of racism that takes place in Brazil: the racism of subtleties. It should be very natural a man and a black woman adopting an African name, as the country is made up of three races. It is difficult to prove. Only those in this skin is knows,” lamented the child’s father, Cizinho Afreeka, 44.
Cizinho, which is a public servant and is depending on the registration to have a maternity leave, also said that he and his wife, the Physical Education teacher Jéssica Juliana, 27, thought about the issue of name pronunciation before choosing it:
“It’s not a name phonetically alien to Portuguese, we thought about it. There are African names that change the pronunciation and cause greater estrangement.”
Makeda was what the Ethiopians called the rainha de Sabá (Queen of Sheba). Foluke is a Yoruba name. The girl’s name was decided early in the pregnancy.

“We decided together quite in early in the pregnancy and we came to call her Makeda. Family and friends already speak naturally because we were inserting this. What’s the problem with naming her Makeda if they register so many European names,” asked Jéssica.
Cizinho came to speak to a civil registration official, Luiz Fernando, by telephone, but a petition was necessary so the name could be analyzed:
“He said he thought the name was beautiful. They already knew that the name was African. They searched the internet before giving a negative. I made a petition and took a statement from my wife authorizing, but it was denied. The notary suggested I put a name in Portuguese in front. But I will keep on until the end. Either it will be Makeda Foluke or she’ll be with no registration.
“The procedure is necessary with any name that can be used to leave the child in a vexatious situation or bullying. You have to filter. These procedures are normal, no one refused to do the registration,” said Luiz Fernando. “It is not the name, not the meaning. It’s pronunciation, diction. Racism is really in people’s minds,” he finalized.
According to the Internal Affairs Division of the Court of Rio, the registration office submitted to the judge in charge a procedure of doubt. The prosecutor’s office issued an opinion against the use of the name because they considered it likely to cause future problems for the child, suggesting that a pre-name be added to the other names such as Ana Maria Makeda, for example. If the judge does not authorize, it will be up to the party to appeal the decision in the procedure in the proper registry office that will forwarded to the Council of the Magistracy.
Parents want their daughter to be named Makeda
Also according to internal affairs, “when pronouncing the name in Portuguese it makes no sense at all, except for coming out wrong, which could provide possible future suffering for the person in social life.” The criterion used is “the analysis of the magistrate and the Ministério Público (public prosecutors) who act to protect the child. Law 6.015/73 gives that power to avoid registrations with names that may affect the social life.”
Read the response of internal affairs in full:
“The prosecutor’s office issued an opinion against the use of the name because they considered it likely to cause future problems for the child, suggesting a pre-name was added to the other names…such as Ana Maria Makeda or something like this.
If the judge does not authorize, it will be up to the party to appeal the decision in the procedure in the proper registry office that will be forward to the Council of the Magistracy.
When you pronounce the name in Portuguese it makes no sense at all, except for coming out wrong, which could provide possible future suffering for the person in social life.
The criterion is the analysis of the magistrate and prosecutors who act to protect the child. Law 6.015/ 73 gives this power to avoid registrations with names that may affect the social life. The criteria are the social and historical phonetics of Portuguese, verifying the sense that the name may have to be spoken or read, must meet in these criteria elements that can classify it as vexatious. Thus are considered vexatious historical names of bloodthirsty dictators or persecuted characters or execrated over time, the objectification of the name or the phonetic pronunciation, which seems to be the case, because it will not make any sense to those who do not know its origin and its translation, favoring acts as “bullying” or discrimination. Several cases where the lack of care of the registers and deeper analysis produced cases that later forced people to go to court to change the first names are notorious due to the embarrassment caused in childhood. One of the most famous was that of the daughters of Baby and Pepeu (1).
The request is being examined by the responsible judge, but it is an analysis at the administrative level that provides for its consideration on appeal to the Judicial Council through a specific procedure.”

This is what happens when GOVERMENT has too much control.  I ask if a European name has ever been challenged like in this case.  It’s blatant inexcusable racism.  The country has a deep history of racist disparate treatment of its black citizens.  I pray this couple prevails, and despite the decision, call their daughter by the name they want her to have.



Published March 11, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

A Roseville restaurant “Joe’s Crab Shack” is under fire for an image found on a dining table depicting a hanging.

The Minneapolis NAACP says Tyrone Williams and Chauntyll Allen were preparing to dine at Joe’s Crab Shack Wednesday night when they noticed a photo embedded inside the table top. The image appears to show a large group of white people watching a public execution of at least one black person.

On the bottom of the picture, it reads: “Hanging at Groesbeck, Texas on April 12th 1895.” At the top, the caption reads, “All I said was that I didn’t like the gumbo.”

Williams said the pair immediately waved down a manager. “Although the manager was apologetic about the lynching depiction, that does not change the fact that this sickening image of black men being lynched was intentionally embedded inside of a table. This type of blatant racism should not be tolerated in this country, or in our local and national eating establishments. I have felt sick to my stomach and stressed out since seeing that image on the table where I was planning to eat my food,” said Williams.

“Seeing a picture of two black men being lynched was the last thing that I expected to see at what was supposed to be a family-friendly restaurant. As you can imagine, seeing that image ruined my appetite and my pre-birthday dinner. It is hard to believe that this type of racism is still going on in 2016,” Allen added.

“This disturbing incident that occurred at Joe’s Crab Shack, demonstrates that racism is still alive and well in this country. It is sickening to know that someone would make a mockery of black men being savagely lynched and then use that imagery for decorative purposes in a restaurant,” said Nekima Levy-Pounds, President of the Minneapolis NAACP.

The Minneapolis NAACP is demanding an immediate public apology by the corporate offices of Joe’s Crabshack; immediate removal “of any and all lynching or otherwise racially-offensive imagery” from its restaurants; and a donation to a local community-based organization that serves African American youths and teenagers.

When contacted about the incident, a spokesman for Joe’s Crab Shack released a statement.

understand one of the photos used in our table décor at our Joe’s Crab Shack location in Roseville, MN was offensive,” said David Catalano, COO Ignite Restaurant Group, Joe’s Crab Shack parent company. “We take this matter very seriously, and the photo in question was immediately removed. We sincerely apologize to our guests who were disturbed by the image and we look forward to continuing to serve the Roseville community.” 

The city of Roseville issued its own statement Friday, calling on the restaurant chain to make sure this type of imagery is not displayed anywhere else. 

 The City of Roseville was shocked and saddened to learn of the racist imagery being openly displayed at the Roseville location of national restaurant chain Joe’s Crab Shack. The City condemns this type of display in the strongest possible terms and calls on Joe’s Crab Shack to remove any and all racist imagery not only from its Roseville location, but all of its restaurants nationwide immediately. This type of display is wholly unacceptable and unwelcome in the City of Roseville.

 I’m fairly confident that patrons at any family restaurant in America would never sit down to eat to see Jews lining up entering a gas chamber, or any image depicting the holicaust as a placemat.  It further proves the disgusting racist history this country has, and the subtle reminders of it everywhere.  It’s no surprise Donald Trump is making campaign strides with his hate messages, and massive support from white supremacist.  

Black people have yet to be paid reparations like the Jews or Japanese, and we are the only still – very disparaged group of people who continue to struggle against hate, Jim Crow laws, racist legislature and more, when slaves built much of this country and made it what it is today.  Fought side by side for freedom, while many of us were murdered – literally millions – displaced from families – stripped of culture and language, with not even a decent apology.  I’m truly disgusted as a human whenever I’m reminded by incidents such as this. Smh. 

I will NEVER patronize another Joe’s Crab Shack establishment. 


Published March 9, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

When gun toting goes wrong!  Jamie Gilt, 31, from Florida, was accidentally shot yesterday by her 4yr old toddler while driving.  It’s a miracle the toddler didn’t kill his mother or worse shoot himself.

Jamie Gilt was driving to a relative’s home on Tuesday afternoon to pick up a horse when the boy, who was sitting in the seat behind hers, pulled the trigger, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s department. 

A deputy noticed Gilt’s truck and horse trailer and “observed an adult female in the driver’s seat motioning to him as if she needed assistance,” the release said. “The deputy ran to the vehicle and quickly determined that the driver had been shot.”

Gilt was rushed to hospital in Gainesville, Florida, where she was in stable condition. Her boy, who was not harmed, was turned over to relatives, the release said.
The Florida Department of Children and Family Services is investigating how Gilt’s son got his hands on her pistol.

She regularly posts about guns and even teaching her children how to use them on her social media sites.  A very vocal pro gun mom, has just had her views backfire on her *literally*

Gilt was rushed to hospital in Gainesville, Florida, where she was in stable condition. Her boy, who was not harmed, was turned over to relatives, the release said.
The Florida Department of Children and Family Services is investigating how Gilt’s son got his hands on her pistol.

Apparently she had the pistol sitting carelessly in the back seat with her toddler.  A very serious error in judgment on her part, regardless to whatever training she may have given her son.  

Even though the firearm was legally owned by the victim and the child came to possess the firearm without the victim’s knowledge, Florida law states, “it’s a misdemeanor for a person to store or leave, on a premise under his or her control, a loaded firearm in such a manner that it is likely a child can gain access to the firearm.”

Let’s see if her privilege gets her off for her recklessness. Smh.


Published March 8, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

An Oklahoma missionary who volunteered at a children’s home in Kenya was sentenced to 40 years in prison Monday for sexually assaulting three girls and a boy while working at the facility, according to court documents.
Matthew Lane Durham, 21, was sentenced to four decades in prison by Judge David L. Russell on four counts of “engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places,” according to court documents.
“In a span of just 33 days,” prosecutors wrote to the court, Durham “raped three girls — ages 5, 9 and 15 — at least eight times. During that same time period, he sexually molested a 12-year-old boy twice.”
The prosecutors said that Durham “not only forcefully sexually abused these children,” but “he psychologically damaged them by taking advantage of their trust he received from the children.”
A jury found Durham guilty on seven counts of the charge in June, court records show. Russell acquitted Durham on three of the counts in January, writing that the prosecutors “failed to establish that he engaged in a ‘sexual act’ ” with the children identified in those charges.
Durham’s attorney, Stephen Jones, told CNN on Monday that he plans to appeal the court’s decision.
Fallout in Kenya
The region of the eastern African nation that Durham volunteered in has also been shaken, prosecutors say.
In a sentencing memorandum to the court in February, they wrote that Durham’s actions “have had a chilling effect on the lives of dozens of foreign volunteers in Kenya and elsewhere who must now live under the cloud of suspicion … there is a real perception among Upendo’s local Kenyan community that more pedophiles lurk among the volunteers, especially the male volunteers.”

In 2014, Durham arrived at Upendo Children’s Centre to volunteer with neglected children, according to the criminal complaint. Durham had previously volunteered at the school three times before.
The organization, funded by an American citizen, recruits volunteers from the Oklahoma church community and provides food, housing and clothes to neglected children in Nairobi, according to the complaint.
Upon arriving in 2014, Durham requested to stay at an “overflow bunk” in the school rather than an off-site facilities with sponsor families to be in a “better position to assist the children,” the complaint says.
A school caretaker began to notice odd behavior between Durham and the children, including “lingering embraces” and “lying beside some of the children on their beds” at night, the complaint says.
Durham was confronted by leaders at the school who then held his passport, the complaint says. They returned the passport to him days later, and he flew back to Oklahoma.
At the time of his arrest, Durham’s attorney told CNN that Durham was coerced into a confession to get his passport back.

This has me so infuriated to no end.  This man went over to Africa just to rape and abuse helpless children.  He should be put away for life!!!  Children’s lives are more serious and precious than any drug offender behinds bars for life.  This is what is wrong with our justice system.  He never should see the light of day again in his lifetime. 


Published March 2, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

On Monday, 30 black students attending a Donald Trump rally at Valdosta State University in rural Georgia were forcefully ejected — simply for being black.
On Tuesday, in Louisville, Ky., what happened to young black protesters at another Trump rally wasn’t just racist — it appears to be outright criminal.

While we have already widely reported that white supremacists are openly proclaiming that they are fully emboldened and energized by Trump, the natural progression of their romance with Trump is now on full display.

While Trump was giving his typical campaign speech about making America great again, several different predominantly black groups of protesters, who were simply there to hold up signs, began having those signs snatched and getting cursed by the white Trump supporters surrounding them.

We now know that those Trump supporters are open bigots, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists belonging to many different groups including the Traditionalist Worker Party — a well-documented hate group. Their social media profiles are full of Nazi photos, KKK and white supremacist references, and some of the most insulting, despicable hate speech you’ll ever see.

One of their leaders, Matthew Heimbach, tweeted that youth workers from the Traditionalist Worker Party were responsible for snatching the signs.

It is believed that Heimbach, one of the best known youth leaders of modern white supremacy and Neo-Nazism in the country, may be the man who can be seen in the red “Make America Great Again hat” who repeatedly shoved, pushed and screamed profanities at the teenage girl in the video. He has actually been banned from entering the United Kingdom because of his bigotry.

Before the rally began, he was seen by another protester wearing the same Traditionalist Worker Party T-shirt and eyeglasses he was seen with while assaulting the young girl. Heimbach can also be seen wearing the same shirt and glasses in photos throughout his social media profiles.

In fact, men and women can been seen wearing those T-shirts throughout the rally. For them, it appears, a Trump rally is a white power rally.
When I first saw the short 37-second news clip of this young girl being forcefully pushed and shoved by large grown men, my blood began to boil. In my lifetime, I have never seen grown men, many who at first appeared to be complete strangers, violently shove a young girl around like that. Some seem to just be pushing her for fun to the left and to the right, just because it’s what other people were doing.

While it all goes down, the hate for her is visible in the eyes not just of the adult men who repeatedly shove her, but in the surrounding women who look on. Nobody, not a single soul, offers to help protect her or escort her out in a way that is remotely safe.
Nobody, though, was as violent and flagrant as the man in the Trump campaign hat with the white supremacist T-shirt. As he yells in the young girls face, and appears to attempt to stab her with a pen of some sort, he pushes and shoves her repeatedly.

n—– and a c–t and got kicked out,” said Shiya Nwanguma, a respected student at the University of Louisville to a local interviewerin a video posted on Facebook.
“They were pushing and shoving at me, cursing at me, yelling at me, called me every name in the book. They were disgusting and dangerous.”  


If this was a mob of black men harassing a young white female teenager, it would be all over prime time news.  This is a clear reminder of where we are as a Country, and the amount of hate and bigotry that still exists.  It’s sickening. 


Published February 17, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

East Huntingdon Township, Pennsylvania. The problem: A Confederate flag display with a black baby doll hanging from a noose with a knife in its back.
Rachel Szolek was driving through West Overton Village when she saw the racially offensive display on a fence near on someone’s property.
“We actually turned around because we had passed the house,” Szolek told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4. “And there it was, and the first thing was shock.”
-An Open Letter to Confederate Flag Defenders: Racism is Real-
Szolek took a photo of the display with her cell phone and posted the image to Facebook.
Action News 4 reporter Beau Berman got wind of the story and tracked down East Huntingdon Township’s supervisor Paul Hodgkiss.
-Quentin Tarantino: Confederate Flag is the ‘American Swastika’-
Hodgkiss said that he was “definitely against anything like that in our township.”
Officials in a nearby community admitted that they have been hearing about the display for months but could not do anything about it because the area was outside their jurisdiction.
-Confederate Flag Supporter Asked About his FUBU Sneakers-
The display was eventually taken down minutes after Berman knocked on the homeowner’s door to ask questions.












Published February 11, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Kanye is back with season 3 of his “YEEZUS” wear and it’s still a snooze fest.  He’s clearly just a perv getting his rocks off with this unflattering transient wear clothing line.  He tapped Instagram model India Love and her buxom boobs to rock a nude sheer body suit fit for a psych ward.  Her pierced boobs are the best thing about this outfit, so smart of Kanye.  

Look out for this rag line and his new album dropping soon….The Life Of Pablo.  As in Picasso.  *Yawns*