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Published April 5, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Oh boy! BlacRob is here for the shits and giggles most of us are getting from this.  She (soon to be Angela Rene√© Kardashian) definitely said yes, and I’m here for all of the fuckery.  This family has a thing for dark meat, as all of the sisters with the exception of Kourtney Kardashian all have black mates.  Amber Rose is here for it also leaving this comment for the lovebirds…

The Kardashian clan has yet to respond and react to the news of this engagement.  Mama(Pimp) Kris is mighty quiet about her only son’s engagement.  I’m sure she’s sick about it…lol.

Tyga, the child predator/lover of Kylie Jenner/BLAC Chyna’s ex and sons father hasn’t made any comments yet either.  This whole debacle is a hot mess and all us petty folks are sitting back, popcorn in hand, watching the drama unfold.

Will there be a wedding? An actual wedding??? That will be the ultimate show, and if it happens, all hail Blac Chyna – the Queen of payback is a bitch! 

Oh, and props to Chyna for making Rob cute again, whipping him into shape and bringing him back to life.  That woman deserves that 7 carat VVS Rock.  Courtesy of Ben Baller.



Published January 25, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece


Well well…in non relevant slow news day events, we have Former stripper & current Lash Bar & IG Boutique owner/ Tyga’s baby’s mother Blac Chyna hugged up with none other than Kylie Jenner’s brother Rob Kardashian.  Yes, Ms. Chyna has charmed her way into the Kardashian clan by possibly smashing the brother of the young harlot who stole her baby daddy Tyga from her – Kylie Jenner.  Talk about payback is a BITCH! In this case it’s a silicone booty stripper…lol.  

Wow, what a tangled web of scandal and revenge.  It would be the ultimate climax if Rob was to marry Chyna and change her last name to Kardashian. BOOM!  Wishful thinking never hurt.  It would only serve pedophile Tyga and backstabbing Kylie Jenner right. 

Way to go Rob!