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Published April 2, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


So Chad “Hoecho” Cinco sat down with Peter Bailey and gave his take on the question “Can men be monogamous?”  Obviously, according to Chad the Hoe, the answer is “NO”.  The self proclaimed “weirdo” and what I deem him as “The Head Butt King”, was very open with his interview with Peter.  Here are some excerpts from the interview below:

On Some Men Not Being Able to Commit:
There are men out there that are willing to give their all, that have the discipline to be able to give them that storybook ending, that fairytale as I so call it. I think I’m good for that for about about 6 months. I’m on track, I’m good, [but] I don’t care how fine you are, I’m going to lose interest.

On why it seems as though most beautiful women are out there (or crazy)
It’s just the way it is. The badder you are the more activity that’s coming at you. That’s just the way it is. No substance. Outside of shoes, purses and clothes. What’s next? What else do you have to offer besides your looks? What can you do besides look good?

On How he Feels About Evelyn:

E was dope that’s all I can say because that chapter was gone, that chapter was played so my last thoughts will always be positive. E was dope, she had her sh*t in order. 

Anyone I’ve ever dealt with…look I’m not putting pressure on you. Those unrealistic pressures of you having to deal with just me.  I would never do that. There’s so many people out here. There are regular people. People right there in the middle and we have these power players, high rollers that I feel that can get any everybody they choose.

On if he’s made critical errors in his past relationships

I didn’t make any critical errors, I always tell the truth from jump. Discipline I lack it, dealing with one woman, let’s think rationally, let’s think logically. It ain’t have nothing to do with South Beach, it ain’t have nothing to do with Miami.  I don’t care how fine you are, for every fine woman, there’s a dude that is tired of that same woman. Human nature is undefeated and what I’ve always done, even in my past relationship, is tell the truth from jump. I never lied, I’m not going to lie to you. Why sell you a dream?

These ninjas ain’t loyal! I dun told ya’ll!!! This turd looking ninja is doing what these day??? *crickets*  I really don’t know, and don’t really care since his football career is a distant memory, but if women want to sleep with this arrogant chimp, they got whats coming to them which is absolutely nothing *crickets*  watch the video of the interview below, and please comment on how you feel about the topic, Can Men be Monogamous?




Published March 28, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece



Oooooh Tina, they got chu’ boo.  You know you have some nerve trying to sue over this, because you were obviously down for whatever, and mad you got blasted for it.  Take this as a lesson learned hun, the thirst will get you caught up and caught out there.  At least you’ll get 5 minutes of groupie fame for it.  Please watch the video below folks…SMH!

After she got wind of the video and realized she was being clowned, she posted the following message on IG to her followers:


Girl bye! You’ve been served, just stop.


Published March 19, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece





The self titled “Twerk Queen of Houston” Jhonni Blaze has been arrested, and is locked up in Atlanta. Real name “Jzapal Jackson” aka Jhonni Blaze is said to have been on the run since her 30-year-old boyfriend, Brian Washington, was shot dead just outside of Houston’s NOX nightclub on December 25, 2013. It appears Jhonni Blaze fled to Atlanta “to avoid being questioned by homicide detectives” — leading a Harris County, TX judge to declare Jackson a “Fugitive From Justice.” According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, the 5′ foot, 157-pound stripper was arrested about a week ago on March 5, 2014. She’s being held at the Fulton County Jail, without bond.

This hoe  stripper is also known for the incident where her water broke on stage while twerking, and for being very rude and disrespectful towards R&B singer Keyshia Cole on social media regarding one of her friends sleeping with Keyshia’s husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.  She obviously isn’t the brightest crayon in the box fleeing to near bye Atlanta as a getaway *SMH* When will these ratchet hoes learn.  Oh well, hopefully she saved up some stripper coins for a top attorney because she’s definitely going to need it.  Somebody call Phaedra Parks.


Worst Mother of The Year Award Goes To……Sundy Carter from Basketball Wives LA Season 3

Published February 19, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece



Wellllllll, Miss Sundy Carter is one of the newest cast members on this New Season of Basketball Wives L.A.  She is an actress who’s had a couple roles in D List films such as “State Property” “Next Day Air” and “Boss’n Up” to name a few.  She has already started off this season with a Birkin bag of Drama with fellow castmate Draya Michele…



Sundy along with the very messy Jackie Christie, recently did a interview with CNikky.com where she blasted Draya saying the following:

“I feel like she’s faking it until she makes it because everything she does is just so, not authentic. It’s just not real,” Sundy told CNikky.com. “You know, she portrays things like, you’re the ambassador of this that and the third, when you’re not even getting a check. I know the ambassador for these companies you understand what I’m saying? You don’t get a check for that.”

Addressing Draya directly, Sundy demanded, “I need you to post your pay stub and show me. Show me, show me the money!”

It’s interesting she has so much to ask Draya about when not long she was involved in the ultimate online scandal exposing her very own teenage daughter Deja Carter on Twitter performing fellacio. Now why would any mother on Earth expose her underage daughter in such an act? Obviously one with no damn sense or tact who needs her chin checked! Check out the pic she released via Twitter below and the tweets that came along with them:




She later tried to defend her actions with these follow up tweets:


Only to clap back with a lie about her “page getting hacked” GIRL BYE! You are officially WACK! In my book. Raggedy Ratchett Sundy! #GurlBoo


Yeah. Ok.

The Hoe Coalition

Published October 26, 2012 by sheezacoldpiece


Proud hoes stand up!


Hoes are real proud these days.  Here we have dusty leggings doing her best “Let the freak show begin” pose for MeekMill on Instagram for a mere stack of what??? Who knows…beans…coupons… coins…Mexican ones at that.  When will these young toss ups realize this right here is not cute.  So I’m telling these hoes today…IT’S ALWAYS BEST TO CHOOSE BITCH, NOT BE CHOSEN! Don’t let these rap fools hoematize you.  Real men love the ladies…not the hoes.