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Published March 24, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Those lies you told didn’t work Luda *SMH* A judge has ordered Ludacris to pay his 3 month old child’s mother, Tamika Fuller 10,000.00 per month despite Ludacris claims of only making 1,800.00 per month. The “I got Hoes” rapper said his income dropped substantially after actor Paul Walker’s death, causing the Fast and furious movie in process to be put on hold. Filming has resumed and the Judge has spoken, and the hoe juggler Ludacris needs to pay up. Maybe next time he’ll strap up and pull out, or maybe even keep his pole in his pants to avoid all of the drama. On top of having to pay, he also lost on the custody end, as full custody was granted to Tamika while he received supervised visits. Seems like this may just be the beginning of a nasty battle.

Since impregnating Tamika, Ludacris and his African girlfriend Eudummie…oops Eudoxie have moved to a Miami mansion, away from the strippers of ATL to the vixens of Miami Beach and the infamous KOD aka King of Diamonds strip spot. Good luck with that one Eudoxie, just make sure your man makes it rain on his baby girl Cai Bella Bridges. I’m out!


LUDACRIS Baby Momma Drama “Pun Intended” Judge orders him to pay 7K a month in CHILD SUPPORT

Published February 20, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


I’ve been waiting for this one here to unfold.  It looks like Ludacris will be paying up on that good ole child child support, according to a Georgia judge.  Ludacris has a new born baby, but not by his gorgeous African girlfriend.  Luda loves dem strippers! So much so he stepped out on his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie, for his longtime lap dancer Tamika Fuller and knocked her up.  Now the judge is saying he needs to “Pay Up”.  Here’s the juice:

Via TMZ – 

Ludacris can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars in child support — and he’s blaming his financial woes on the death of his “Fast and Furious” co-star Paul Walker. 

Ludacris was in court Wednesday with his baby mama, Tamika Fuller … who’s demanding Luda pay her $15K a month to take care of his 2-month-old baby daughter, Cai.

But Luda went to court and told the judge … he was counting on “Fast and Furious 7” money to make his payments, and the movie is now on hold so his payday went away.

Luda claims he can only pay $1,800 a month — confessing he only made around $55K for 2013.

The judge split the baby down the middle, ordering Luda to pay 7K a month for now … while hizzoner reviews all the financial docs.

By the way … Tyrese also claimed relative poverty in his child support case because of Walker’s death.

Hmmmm….all that flossing on instagram, yet he claims he only makes 55k per year?!? Chile Please! Boy BOO!