Published February 8, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

I pride myself on being a superior judge of talent 😁 and when I came across O’Hene Savànt, I was awe struck and amazed.  He’s a producer, composer, writer and rapper.  This multi talented Ghanaian, will knock your socks off with his undeniable talent.  He’s light years beyond what’s being played on the radio today, and he can create any musical genre and era of music as a one man band.  



When I moved to the ATL I had no team, but I didn’t let that stop me or slow me down.  I have BIG dreams that I will bring to life no matter what. I won’t be stopped.  We won’t be stopped. – O’Hene Savànt 

I discovered him on Facebook and was instantly impressed, and blown away by his genius.  Enjoy the video below with a sample of some of his music, and check out his YouTube channel also.  I assure you you won’t be disappointed.  

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