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Published January 30, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

By Autumn Asanté

While I was in the military, we had water purification units called ROWPU. These are Osmosis filtering units. We could provide purified water from any source no matter how polluted and regardless of any chemical present. We could do this for up to 50,000 troops. If we needed to provide for more troops just add more ROWPU units. — Why are we spending money going into the pockets of bottled water companies, not that the people don’t need it, but the military is capable of solving this issue immediately. Is this not the purpose of the federal government in times of crisis? We sent our units to aid others overseas before, why not to Flint???!!! — This problem is not only Flint. This is going to happen in cities all over this country, because the United States has not invested in its people or its infrastructure. And both are crumbling!!! We the people have paid for the solution to this and other problems with our taxes. These resources are not being employed by leadership or better yet, the lack thereof. While we are re-spending our money to rescue our people, WE must demand using the equipment and personnel already available to resolve this crisis no matter the expense. — This is the result of negligence and incompetence, and malice. We should not be asking for the resignation of the governor, rather for his execution. This is entirely unacceptable. As a parent, if someone knowingly poisoned your child, would you not demand capital punishment? Of course you would!!!