Published June 9, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Talk about a diss gone wrong lol. French Montana posted a Instagram pic of Tichina Arnold not looking her best after a long flight with the following message…


Well Tichina took it back to her Pam days from her “MARTIN” days and responded with this so eloquently written message….

“Man oh man. Mr. Montana, I’ve perused (read through with thoroughness and care) your #instagram profile description, pictures & posts… but despite my determined effort, I STILL don’t have a CLUE to one very simple question… “Who ARE you?”.. I mean other than reading that you’ve dated a Kardashian, and you seem to enjoy taking extraneous pictures with LEGITIMATE celebrities, I’m baffled (perplexed, confused) as to WHO you are & WHAT you actually DO? How do you contribute to society? What do you do to HELP those in need? What philanthropic works have you done? Are you on the board of any charitable organizations? Do you posses your own charitable organization? Do you own your name? How many of your followers are actually REAL followers and not computer generated? Oh.. And one other thing, if you are gonna post or repost things about other people (such as myself).

FYI: Maybe you should put more effort into aligning yourself with people who can ASSIST you with building your brand for longevity, only THEN will you be prepared to (as your boy Martin would so clearly put it) “Stomp with the big dogs”. But either way, I’m pleased to know you are a true fan of the Martin show despite what criticisms you have.

Bwaaaahaaaa! Now THAT is how you clown a fool, and I loved it! Have several seats Mr. French Kardashian, because clearly Khloe is the only reason you’re relevant…and that’s giving more credit than he deserves. He definitely gets the Ass Clown gold chain for this foolishness 😂🙊

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