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Published February 11, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Beyoncé has become publicly in tune with her blackness, and has been giving us the audio and visual display to prove it.  On the heel of the SUPERBOWL 50 controversy, she has put out a 8 minute mini documentary of her “Precious Lord” performance that was oddly somewhat stolen from Ledisi, as she was the singer in the Film “Selma”.  The jury is still out on the Ledisi shade 😒 but Beyoncé highjacked the song and sang it, and tells us the song has special meaning to her and her family as she recalls her mother singing the Mahalia Jackson version when she was a young girl.  

I’m a bit undecided as to why she chose the most softest spoken men for this documentary. Perhaps with the intent to give off the black men are non threatening and vulnerable vibe, which of course many are, but a good mix of that along with some deep strong voices, and bold masculinity wouldn’t have hurt either.  I’m just saying.  We are a wide range of people, all experiencing injustices and discrimination on various levels.  

Give it a watch as she sings the old negro spiritual with an all male choir, giving us the back story and meaning of this song and how it still resonates today.