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Published February 9, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Jas Price (The guy who discovered Drake) has a new protégé he’s introducing to the music world by the name of Tone Stith.  He sings, writes, and plays a few instruments, and is on the wave length of Bryson Tiller and Chris Brown.  Hotnewhiphop.com reports the following on him…

Jas Prince is the son of Rap-A-Lot Records founder James Prince, and he’s currently the CEO of Young Empire Music Group. Today, he’s shared a video that provides an introduction to his newest artist, Tone Stith. That in itself doesn’t sound like exceptional news, but Prince also happens to be the guy who introduced Drake to much of the world, including Lil Wayne. Stith is only 20-years-old, though it’s clear Prince feels he has a star-quality that’s similar to that of the man who currently helms OVO. 
Artistically, Stith intends to bank on his incredible singing voice. He’s certainly a more straightforward R&B singer than Drake is, though he’s influenced by many different genres. What’s more is that he also happens to be a producer and has already landed some major credits — writing and producing two tracks on Chris Brown’s Royalty (“Liquor” and “Make Love”). 
He’s got a sound that is in line with the current R&B wave — check his Bryson Tiller cover — but Stith is mainly inspired by the soul greats of past decades. In fact, his next project seeks to provide a modern twist on sounds from the ’70s. Get a detailed look at his recording process in the new video, and tell us if you’re now ready for Stith to drop California 70. 

He has a nice sound, but I wasn’t blown away with originality which is a key element I look for in new artist. Maybe there’s more to come from him that I’m yet to be impressed with, but I will be watching and on the look out for Tone Stith. 


Published June 24, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Even when your a beautiful celebrity, you are not exempt from being cheated on.  Men will be men as they say, so let’s see who the next “producer” she decides to hook up with next. First it was Dre of “Cool and Dre”, then “The Dream” who she married and divorced getting a nice settlement earning some of the rights to Justin Beiber’s mega hit song “Baby”, now Mr. Jas Prince is out. Damn Chrissy, ask Karrueche, your bestie, and she’ll be the first to tell you “These Ninja’s Ain’t Loyal” lol.

Us Weekly confirmed that Christina moved out of the home they share in L.A. on Thursday, June 19th.  Which will more than likely be a story line on her upcoming E! reality show.


Oh well…..another bites the dust!