Published March 26, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

This is Cyril Ramaphosa.  The Deputy President of South Africa.  He aimes to reverse white financial domination in South Africa, a much needed economic solution, and turn over control to black people in the country.

Where will the money come from, though? The economy shrinks every time the ANC makes yet another ill-conceived decision; the party’s reputation is in shambles and their president now ranks as one of the top five beleaguered world leaders.
Image Credits:Getty
That said, Ramaphosa is adamant that Broader Based Black Economic Empowerment be pushed along at a more aggressive pace.
“We are going to intensify BBBEE. We are going to sharpen our teeth and determination when it comes to unemployment.”
“We expect that our black industrialists will have up to R24 billion made available to them to redefine the way business is done in our country,” he said.
The deputy president appealed to black business owners to bring their ideas to the ANC and asked them to pay for the party’s local government election campaign. He added that the time of white business monopolies is over and that government is hell-bent on placing the economy in black hands…
“For far too long this economy has been owned and controlled by white people. That must come to end. For far too long, this economy has been managed by white people. That must come to an end.”
“Those who don’t like this idea – tough for you. That is how we are proceeding.”
He added that government was ‘obsessed’ with empowering black South Africans…
“In some cases, we have become fanatical about it. It is in this area that we know we will be able to plant seeds of further economic growth in our country,” Ramaphosa said.
Ramaphosa ended with the only part of his speech that didn’t stink of pre-election promise; adding that academics and professionals had started the ANC and are essential in the party’s efforts to improve SA… pity the party’s current policy is to weed out any and all intellectuals within its own ranks and opt for yes-men-and-women.

The awakening is long overdue.  We must take back and reclaim what is rightfully ours…our land and our resources.  

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