Published February 4, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Who better to get to style a black experience inspired fashion show than Erykah Badu?!!!  Pyer Moss AW16 show alongside designer Kerby Jean-Raymond, which explores the black experience in Contemporary America has selected Erykah Badu to direct their style on the runway.

This will be a continuation of last season’s ode to the Black Lives Matter movement, Pyer Moss’s AW16 presentation will address the disjointed experience of being black in 2016 America — namely by addressing the “double bind” that is living in “a place where black culture is praised, commodified, and appropriated, while black people are vilified, criticized, and hunted for sport.

It’s the perfect topic that Erykah Badu has been very vocal about, adding that she and Kerby are a match made in fashion heaven.  Both share an eye for truth through art.  Erykah known for always being visually pleasing, believes that although the designer is risky, he stands in his truth.  “The strength of that truth lies in the belief of his vision.  I’m inspired by the bold statements he makes in this sometimes fickle industry” Badu says.  I agree with her on that note, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her vision on the runway. 

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