Published February 3, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Last year Rapper “The Game” formally known as Jayceon Taylor, had a dating show titled “She Got Game.” Several women competed to win his affection, but one contestant – Pricilla Rainey, accused The Game of sexually assaulting her.  She filed a 10 million dollar lawsuit as a result, in which The Game never responded to.

Originally Rainey accused game Game, who she says was extremely intoxicated and “out of control” during a shoot last May, “forcefully reach[ed] his hand inside her dress to rub her bare vagina and buttocks.”

According to Bossip, the Compton rapper apparently didn’t respond to the suit brought forth and now a judge has ruled in favor of Rainey by default. Whether or not he has to pay the full suit is yet to be determined. The case’s next hearing is slated for February 24.

This isn’t the first case where The Game has had a default judgment issued against him.  A former nanny also won a default judgment last year for over 200,000.00 for defamation, due to a Instagram post by the Game.  He posted her picture and social media likeness, claiming she had sex and used drugs around his children, and fired her as a result.  He removed the post, but failed to respond to the lawsuit filed by the former nanny Karen Monroe.

This is interesting that The Game – Known for his witty brutal “clap backs” online, would ignore such serious allegations and legal actions.  Maybe he just likes to pay off these claimants or there may be truth to their claims.  Either way, this definitely isn’t a good look for him.  Good luck with this Game. 


Well The Game wasn’t to thrilled about this news today, and took to Instagram to Clap Back in pure “Game” fashion posting this…

OMG….LOL! This man has no chill or filter.  Just Damn.  I know he gave whoever invited this Transformer to his show a earful.  Wowzers!!!  He even went on her page with the insults, which isn’t too smart while in the middle of a lawsuit.  Sometimes you have to put the pettiness aside when it comes to the law, and dealing with a opportunist.  Smh. I guess the Game will be Game.  

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