Published January 24, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Racial tension is on the rise in this country. From the Oscars excluding Black actors to other racially charged incidents happening across our country, racial injustice has been pushed to the forefront of a national conversation. 

Now, a new documentary will delve deeper into the issue. The EPIX film, titled America Divided, will be executive produced by Norman Lear, Common, and Shonda Rhimes. The project will explore how inequality is intertwined with the personal histories of celebrities. Rapper Common will return to his birthplace of Chicago to examine the inequalities within the criminal justice system; actress America Ferrera will go to Texas to take a closer look at the voting system and the lack of efficient healthcare for women, and actor Jesse Williams will explore deficiencies in the realm of education. “The promise of the American dream was a united country where everyone is treated equal,” said Shonda Rhimes. “That promise has clearly been broken; all you have to do is look around to see that our reality has been built on the back of inequality. It’s my hope that this series will inspire audiences to be part of a change that leads us into a stronger, more equal future.” 

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