Published December 26, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Sheezacoldpiece is definitely an outlet for new hot artist on the scene. LESWOOD is definitely HOT and near and dear to my heart. He’s perfected this game and has been in for over 10 years strong. I remember him as a child wanting to get into the rap game since 11 maybe 12 years old. At that time, being an aspiring artist and writer myself, I did what I could to get him going. I must say from jump, he was a natural and born for it. To see him now at this level, living and breathing his dream…it warms my heart. A true talented artist despite my biased opinion. I’m sure once you all see and hear him spit, you will know he has what it takes to make it to superstardom. I support 💯 and back him all the way. It took a while for me to post his journey and his work because I truly only post real talent I believe in. Big Ups LESWOOD! See you at the top Fam ⬆️. You got this!!!

BTW I’m loving the lead model he chose to accompany him in this video. Chocolate love all day 😉

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