Published October 26, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Well well well…If you’ve been watching this fuckery and the ridiculous drama these faces would be familiar. Here we have a cast of D List fame starved attention whores trying their very best to be “famous” and/or relevant. When the thirst gets this real, all sorts of shenanigans ensues. The most recent would be a billboard posted up on Burbank Blvd. of cast member Masika, a so called model/video vixen, showing her mugshot and being called out as a THOT. In other words a industry hoe.

Now why someone would spend the time or money placing this up is beyond belief. One of the other facially challenged co-stars Hazel E (unknown rapper) had this to say about it on Instagram, since Masika is now dating her former fuck boy buddy Yung Berg, who is also a cast member and washed up rapper.


Oh the tangled web of foolery they weave. Mona Scott better get these desperate minions under control before things really take a turn for the worst beyond the cesspool they’ve already created. If you like manufactured drama and ignorance, be sure to tune in, because this show will kill your brain cells faster than any drug on the market. Lord help them.



Whoa! Miss Nikki said she didn’t do it, she wouldn’t drop a dime on her ūüė© what a hot steamy mess this is. #whodoneitandwhy #masikabillboard #thehateisreal #damn #lhhh

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