Published September 8, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Well well…in the latest “THOT” news Miami rapper Flo Rida will have to start cuttin those checks for his new baby momma…booty model Natasha Georgette. Flo Rida got caught up in the box tapping it raw and now he has a son with this beauty on coin duty. In true datbabyaintmine fashion, Flo supposedly asked her to get an abortion, and suspected he wasn’t the father since she was just another deposit box he dipped in on the regular, yet that DNA test came back and he is 99.9% the father of her child. Of course now she wants top dollar in child support from the careless rapper. Here’s what TMZ is reporting….

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ … Williams finally had the DNA test done and it shows a 99.99999999% chance Flo fathered the child.

Williams’ lawyer Ray Rafool tells us, “Though not a surprise to Ms. Williams, we are certainly pleased that the Court ordered paternity test firmly establishes Flo Rida is the father of their son.”

A judge hasn’t officially named Flo as the father yet, but the test don’t lie. Now it’s time to open the wallet Flo. Guess he “THOT” wrong. When will these dudes learn.

Guess all that hard work paid off for Ms. Natasha. 😒 #hewasntready #shewas #comeup #hoechronicles

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