Published April 19, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Took awhile for me to report on this since most people don’t know or care who these two DLISTers are, but it’s kind of interesting. Lashontae is a video vixen and extra actress on the BET series “The Game” while Brandon Jennings is a ball player with the Detroit Pistons, and also the Ex Fiancé of singer Teyana Taylor. The interesting part is Lashontae and Teyana are friends 😕.


Lashontae was also the lead in Keyshia Cole’s “Trust and Believe” video, the one where Lashontae was sleeping with her man, and I guess she really is about that creep life. Her dating her friends Ex fiancé is foul, yet this THOT pocket is proud and heartless. Chris Brown said it best “these hoes ain’t loyal” so Lashontae that one is for you boo. She tends to date the thirstiest of men ie: Nelly who allowed her to be seen with him, and now this thirst trap Brandon Jennings who just last week made Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown’s Ex) his WCW *smh* who is also one of Teyana’s friends. Either this guy is a groupie for Industry exes or he’s an even bigger creep going after Teyana’s friends. Either way it’s lame and pathetic. What a tangled web they weave.



Thirsty THOTS!  Watch Lashontae play herself in the Keyshia Cole video below:







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