Published April 8, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Refund gone horribly wrong.  A woman asked the manager of Chacho’s, a restaurant in Houston TX, for a refund and was attacked in return by employees at the restaurant.  Apparently, according to police reports the women wanted a refund for their alcohol beverages when they found out they could not take the drinks to go.  After the brawl took place none of the employees were arrested, yet one of the ladies was taken into custody for a outstanding warrant.

A protest of the restaurant was scheduled to take place, as many people in the community were furious after seeing the video, which has of course gone viral.

All I can say is all every single last worker in there who had anything to do with this incident would’ve received a special visit from my goon squad had they laid a single finger on me.  It infuriates me to even watch the video of these men treating women this way. No respect. I will never patronize that restaurant, that’s for sure.

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