Published April 4, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


As many of you know singer Tamar Braxton is very married to song writer, record producer and music executive Vincent Herbert. The two even have a reality show titled “Tamar & Vince” he’s her teddy bear and she’s his Monday and Friday. Yet by the looks of Tamar’s Instagram posts there may be a side chick shaking things up, cause she’s been all in her feelings with these posts. Y’all tell me what you think, but I hope all is well and Vince isn’t cheating because I love them together. Vince shole betta get his life and kick that side piece to the curb…that issss if he has one of course. Peep her suspect IG posts below: e





Hmmmm…sounds and seems suspect to me.  I’m wishing them the best, because I would be deep up in somebody’s anus with a cannon ball if a hoe had the nerve to get outta line with mines, and yes, that cannon would be allll up in his guts too! #ChileBoo

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