Is This Justice for Jordan Davis? – Murdered over “Loud” Music

Published February 16, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


It’s taking me a while to process this, and still difficult to find the words needed to express my feelings about this incident, and ultimately, the end results. Simply put, it’s fucked up, it’s crazy, it’s a reminder of the joke of a “Just-his” system some like to call “Justice”.  It’s a reminder that black life is meaningless in this country, and crimes against us are not taken seriously.  I’m sick when people have the nerve to say “racism doesn’t exist in Amerikka” when we are given constant reminders that it’s alive and on the rise.

My issue with this case is the lack remorse from Michael Dunn, the murderer.  The sense of entitlement and lawlessness.  The disrespect, and recklessness shown here by this man is disgusting. He pulled into a gas station and heard loud music coming from a car of teenagers.  This upset him, and instead of him leaving the area, he decided to fire 10 shots into the car of teenagers killing 17 year old Jordan Davis.  How is that NOT 1st degree murder? No one threatened him, no one approached him, yet life was lost because HE didn’t like the loud music he could have driven away from. I’m done.

For more information about this case and the verdict check out the article here:

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