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Published September 28, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Okay *Sigh* so this very confused creature here, this shameful face and existence of life “Young Thug” has left me with the “WTF” face for many reasons. Why people support this ignorance is beyond the Earth, but anyway I must speak my peace.

There have been questions about his sexuality since he often refers to other men as “lover” “hubby” “bae” “babe”. You get the drift. Then at the same time claims to have a girlfriend…lover…whatever the fudge! Here are some examples of his foolery with video interview included to show his lack of comprehension, the ability to answer questions, and his blatant disrespect toward important issues happening in the black community. Just sad.



Then here is his supposed “girlfriend”





We need you Jesus, please help these lost souls.


Published September 26, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Lamar Sally has opened up about the birth of his son, Lamar Sally Jr, and the ugly split from Sherri Shepherd that he says put him on welfare!

Sooooo…Sherri Shepherd’s pre-nup must not have included a “confidentiality” clause because Lamar Sally is talking! A lot. In an exclusive with the Daily Mail, he’s spilling all the tea about his doomed marriage to the ex co-host of “The View” (whom he revealed earned a salary of $3 million). This is HIS story.

The tea:

On Sherri’s desire to be a mom:

Actually, that is one of the reasons we married after only a year – because she was ready to do this. I wanted to wait another year or two to get married but having a baby with me was so important to her I said OK, let’s do it.’

On meeting Sherri during game night at Neicy Nash’s house:

‘I liked that Sherri was really down to earth. ‘She didn’t seem like she was one of those Hollywood-type women who was high maintenance and when they played the game ‘Taboo’ she was competitive and I loved that about her too.


‘We didn’t get together that night but Niecy told me that Sherri wanted me to call her so I did and we talked for six hours.’

On why they needed a surrogate:

“Sally continues, ‘We got the bad news that the doctors found none of her eggs were viable. I told her that we should try again but when she said she didn’t want to and that we should use my sperm and get a surrogate.”

On why they split:

‘To this day, I cannot pinpoint one thing that caused us to split up,’ he tells MailOnline..’Honestly I do not know what happened. No one was cheating, we didn’t fight much and we didn’t have money problems.’

On Sherri’s expenses:

“Boy, could she buys some shoes! Sherri is a shopaholic for shoes. I would say her average American Express bill was $25,000 and although she did buy things for Jeffrey it was mostly dresses and a ton of shoes for herself.

She shopped excessively but refused to balance a checkbook. Sherri made $3 million last year but she didn’t know how much she has in the bank.

‘She is obsessed with her career. She is always worried about the next step and if one little thing goes wrong she falls into what I like to say is ‘gloom and doom’ attitude.”

On why he took control of Sherri’s finances:

“But what was really shocking to me was that she didn’t know her salary! When we decided to get married we started to discuss our finances, our bills and how we were going to run the household. So I asked her how much money does she make on ‘The View’ and she said she didn’t know!

‘That blew me away. I asked her, “OK, but you had to sign your W-2 for taxes, what did they say?” and she said she didn’t know, that she just signed them.

‘Sherri has a business manager, who paid all of her bills for her so she had no idea how much was coming in or how much was going out. After we got married that all changed. I made sure the bills were paid on time and I kept Sherri up to speed on what was going on.

‘I was upset about this so I made her sit down and watch the regular series ‘American Greed’ on TV so she could see how easily people can get ripped off.

‘I wanted her to be more responsible and aware of the household finances. I am very good with money, I have always put myself on a budget so it was irritating to me that she doesn’t take care of business. When we got married I ran the house and put my own career on hold.”

Is Sherri a hoarder?

“‘Sherri was also a very messy person. She was a pack-rat. I always had to go behind her and pick up after her and that was so annoying to me.”

Sherri’s trust issues:

“Sherri has a lot of trust issues that she brought into this marriage from her relationship with her ex-husband, Jeffrey,’ Sally explains.

‘I tried to prove to Sherri that I am not her ex-husband or any of the other guys who have been in her life and for a while we would be OK. But then a few days later we were back to square one and it was exhausting.

‘She wanted to be married but we kept most of our finances separate. We did have one bank account together but it was modest amount.

‘Sherri also didn’t want me to work outside of our marriage because she kept saying I was going to get rich and leave her high and dry. That was a never-ending discussion at home and with her therapist the entire time we were married.”

His claims that Sherri wanted a house husband:

“She wanted me to be happy being a house-husband, but when I told her I needed to work for my own sanity she got angry.

‘Sherri didn’t understand why I didn’t want to just stay at home and take care of the kids, Jeffrey and the new baby on the way.

‘She even talked to our friends about it, asking what was wrong with me, why I wouldn’t be happy just being at home while she worked.”

On the Divorce proceedings:

“Out of the blue, Sherri asked for a divorce while we were at a session with the therapist. She said she didn’t think she could be the kind of wife I needed her to be. ‘But I thought she was just in one of her moods and would change her mind in a couple of days, like she does everything else. ‘There were times when Sherri wanted us to work on projects together and then the very next day she would change her mind and say, ‘NO! I don’t want to work with you.’

‘This went on throughout our marriage, one day she’s on and the next she’s off. So when she asked for a divorce I just left it alone and expected her to say she didn’t mean it and let’s get back to work. ‘I stayed in the house for another two weeks and we were going along like nothing had changed.

‘But then I found out through some friends that Sherri had hired two attorneys and was getting ready to file for divorce.

‘I was shocked, never saw it coming and I was really hurt and confused — still am.”

If you’re wondering how Sal wound up on welfare, he said that because Sherri’s name isn’t on the birth certificate, the baby is not on her insurance. He was forced to go on Medi-cal, California’s welfare program for infant’s health insurance.

All I gotta say is ninja PLEASE! If he don’t knock it off with this BS! I can’t and I won’t. Bye Mr./Mrs. SHEPHARD. You need more people boo.


Published September 24, 2014 by sheezacoldpiece


Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are headed for divorce, according to a TMZ report published Tuesday.

Divorce documents obtained by TMZ indicate that Rose filed for divorce from the rapper, citing irreconcilable differences.

TMZ reports that there is no mention of infidelity in the divorce papers, despite rumors of romance between Rose and Mariah Carey’s estranged husband, Nick Cannon. That speculation was sparked after Cannon recently signed the 30-year-old model to his management company, NCredible Entertainment.

Khalifa and Rose welcomed a son, Sebastian, in February 2013 and married in July 2013. According to the documents, Rose is asking for full legal and physical custody of Sebastian.

Daaaaammmnnn Son! Y’all know Nick is smashing that thang to smithereens *smh* both going through divorce, that good ole comfort lovin. She better watch out though, I can tell this might just be a hot ass mess in the making. Oh well, Kanye is probably grinning like a Cheshire Cat right now at all this. I wish them all the best, but I’ll be watching this develop and keep ya’ll posted….



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Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles is certainly a rolling stone. A DNA Test has determined he is 99.9998% the Father of this ex prostitute’s child. I mean WTF was he thinking messing around with this crunchy critter right here! I’m a bit embarrassed for Beyoncé bout this here. He truly needs to sit his nasty self down somewhere and stop knocking up these young raggedy women.

Here’s the tea reported by TMZ…

TMZ obtained a copy of a paternity test — ordered by a judge in Houston after Knowles was sued by a lingerie-model-turned-real-estate agent … who claims he knocked her up in 2010.

According to the DNA test … there’s a 99.998% certainty that Knowles is the biological father of TaQoya Branscomb’s child.


Good Lawd this is a terrible mess right here! Just ugghhh…Damn Mathew *SMH*


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Apollo Nida, husband to Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta is now a fugitive from the law.

Here’s the story according to TMZ…

TMZ reported Wednesday AM Nida was on his way to report for his 8-year prison sentence for money laundering and check fraud. But apparently he got cold feet … because we’re told he pulled up to the home of his wife, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks and went nuts because Phaedra refused to put money in his prison account while he was locked up. She also refused to bring their kids to prison to visit him and that caused him to lose it.

We’re told Nida forced his way inside and started screaming at Phaedra, “What the f*** is the matter with you,” adding, “I don’t give a f*** about the police, call them, I dare you.” An eyewitness tells TMZ that he was demanding property and went inside the master bedroom and starting putting stuff in a big bag. Nida was supposed to report to authorities by noon but didn’t, and we’re told an arrest warrant is about to be issued.


This fool has clearly lost his inmate mind. Why in Hades would he pull a stunt like this, in front of Bravo cameras AFTER he made a deal with the Feds!?! Oh well, he better hope they don’t add more time to his sentence for this foolishness.


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TMZ Sports just released footage of NFL baller Ray Rice delivering a brutal punch to his now wife Janay Palmer. The couple got married 1 month after this incident occurred, which took place in February of 2014. It’s very disturbing to see her take such a massive blow to the face and fall unconscious in an elevator, only to be dragged out by her then Fiancé Ray Rice. Watch the footage (if you can stomach it) here:

The NFL suspended Rice for 2 games as a result of this incident, which many feel was not the appropriate punishment after seeing this. IMO, he got off way too easily, leading me to believe the NFL is unfazed by this type of behavior. Does the fact that she married him a month after this happened mean the public should forgive him just as she did? It’s one thing to hear about domestic abuse, but totally different when you see it take place. I don’t EVER want to know what that feels like to have a man do something like that to me, and by the looks of how he reacted after he did it leads me to believe this wasn’t the first time and may not be the last. Now the questions is, what will happen to Mr. Rice now that this has surfaced?

Story developing….


And that’s all folks!


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Damn Momma Dee! This right here is just….Damn! Lil Scrappy needs to buy his momma the Queen to the Throne some reliable teeth. This is almost as sad as her singing career. Not only did she butcher Anita Baker’s song, but the tooth loss took the cake!!! Well hopefully this will be a sign to keep her day Job (whatever that is) or at least fire her dentist. I say she should partake in both.



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Last week, eight teenagers (ages 18-19) broke into former Miami Heat star Ray Allen’s Coral Gables home while his wife and children were home alone sleeping. The teens had the audacity to roam their entire house, which resulted in his wife, Shannon, being frighteningly awakened to a group of men standing in her bedroom with flashlights!

The free agent and his wife were furious with the way the police were handling the investigation. At first, the Coral Gables Police Department decided NOT to press charges against the teens and simply characterized the incident as a silly prank. Was it because these were rich white kids? Cause we all know what would have happened had it been kids from another race…but that’s for another post.

According to Coral Gables police spokeswoman Kelly Denham, the authorities decided not to press burglary charges because there was no forced entry, no intent (nont sure how they came to that conclusion other than them assuming because they “live in the wealthy neighborhood” they couldn’t possibly steal things) and nothing was taken. I n Florida, long as you don’t force yourself in someone’s house and don’t take anything…you won’t be punished if you still enter without permission? Ok.

Allen’s family released a statement detailing the events of that night saying,

“We want to correct the erroneous information being reported about the crime committed in our home this week. On Thursday morning at 2:30 a.m., my wife Shannon was awakened by loud voices in our bedroom where she had been sleeping with our four young children.

“She heard male voices loudly discussing our personal property and sat up in a state of alarm to find at least five people inside our bedroom with large flashlights. She was immediately fearful for the safety of her own life, but more importantly the lives of our young children. When she screamed at them, the intruders quickly fled the scene and laughter was heard as they made their way out of our bedroom, down the stairs and out of our house.

“As these individuals were fleeing our house, Shannon immediately called security and the police for help. Shannon and I believe that a number of the public statements made through media outlets have mischaracterized certain important facts and what we believe to be the seriousness of this potentially devastating invasion upon our lives, home and family,” Allen said.

It wasn’t until Ray and his wife spoke out about the lack of the police department doing anything were charges decided to be brought up. Now the eight teens are facing misdemeanor trespassing charges. The Allens also have decided to press criminal charges. They made a visit to the state attorney’s office yesterday and have provided statements regarding the incident.

Had Shannon busted a cap in one of them, best believe she would be facing some type of criminal charges right now….


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Cases of HIV transmission among promiscuous gay black men have skyrocketed according to a new study. New cases of HIV have declined steadily over the years among the heterosexual population. But cases of new HIV transmissions among black gay males, particularly in Chicago, have jumped almost 80% during the same time period.


Reports Sandra Rose via Chicago Tribune via Tattletailzz:

The new statistics are so alarming that black clergy have undertaken a massive campaign to save young black men in sexual crisis.

Data show that in Chicago, new HIV diagnoses of men who have sex with men and are younger than 30 jumped 76 percent from 2000 to 2011, and black men account for most of the increase. Older gay and bisexual men, meanwhile, have seen HIV diagnoses decline or stay steady.

“It makes it challenging, on one hand being encouraged by our successes in reducing HIV … but at the same time making sure that we’re all aware that there’s still this important subgroup that is beginning to carry a greater burden of the epidemic,” said Nikhil Prachand, director of HIV and sexually transmitted infection epidemiology at the city’s health department.

African-American (men who have sex with men) tend to live in predominantly African-American communities, and many of those communities in Chicago have a higher prevalence of HIV,” Prachand said. “They’re using condoms as or more often than other groups and they also have the same number of sex partners. It’s just that the context in which their behaviors occur happens to be in communities where there is more HIV.”

It’s real out here Fam. It seems like being gay and bi-sexual has become a trend since it’s become acceptable in society these days, but the fact remains it’s important to protect yourself at ALL times. It’s really sad most black men are caught up in jail and turning to each other for risky sex and downlow behavior. As a black woman it’s heart breaking to witness the deterioration of our black men. I pray for better day’s to come…