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Published February 9, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Jas Price (The guy who discovered Drake) has a new protégé he’s introducing to the music world by the name of Tone Stith.  He sings, writes, and plays a few instruments, and is on the wave length of Bryson Tiller and Chris Brown. reports the following on him…

Jas Prince is the son of Rap-A-Lot Records founder James Prince, and he’s currently the CEO of Young Empire Music Group. Today, he’s shared a video that provides an introduction to his newest artist, Tone Stith. That in itself doesn’t sound like exceptional news, but Prince also happens to be the guy who introduced Drake to much of the world, including Lil Wayne. Stith is only 20-years-old, though it’s clear Prince feels he has a star-quality that’s similar to that of the man who currently helms OVO. 
Artistically, Stith intends to bank on his incredible singing voice. He’s certainly a more straightforward R&B singer than Drake is, though he’s influenced by many different genres. What’s more is that he also happens to be a producer and has already landed some major credits — writing and producing two tracks on Chris Brown’s Royalty (“Liquor” and “Make Love”). 
He’s got a sound that is in line with the current R&B wave — check his Bryson Tiller cover — but Stith is mainly inspired by the soul greats of past decades. In fact, his next project seeks to provide a modern twist on sounds from the ’70s. Get a detailed look at his recording process in the new video, and tell us if you’re now ready for Stith to drop California 70. 

He has a nice sound, but I wasn’t blown away with originality which is a key element I look for in new artist. Maybe there’s more to come from him that I’m yet to be impressed with, but I will be watching and on the look out for Tone Stith. 


Published February 8, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

I pride myself on being a superior judge of talent 😁 and when I came across O’Hene Savànt, I was awe struck and amazed.  He’s a producer, composer, writer and rapper.  This multi talented Ghanaian, will knock your socks off with his undeniable talent.  He’s light years beyond what’s being played on the radio today, and he can create any musical genre and era of music as a one man band.  



When I moved to the ATL I had no team, but I didn’t let that stop me or slow me down.  I have BIG dreams that I will bring to life no matter what. I won’t be stopped.  We won’t be stopped. – O’Hene Savànt 

I discovered him on Facebook and was instantly impressed, and blown away by his genius.  Enjoy the video below with a sample of some of his music, and check out his YouTube channel also.  I assure you you won’t be disappointed.  


Published February 8, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

Ooooooh Queen Bey got them folks UPSET!  People are calling for boycotts of Beyoncé and the SuperBowl for allowing her to perform her new song “Formation”.   The video has many subliminal messages which pertain to black issues in America.

Sadly, some people just can’t handle the truth, or a black woman who is proud of her heritage.  They refuse to be tolerant of a person who speaks up against injustices happening to minorities, even if it’s a subliminal message in a video.

For Chicago Code Blue among others to suggest that this is “Anti-Police Music” is beyond reaching.  A simple message saying “Stop shooting us” written on a wall, or a drowning police car referencing Hurricane Katrina, does not translate into Anti-Police.  People choose to turn this into something negative to avoid to true message of injustice that needs to be addressed.  

I thank Beyoncé for her bravery with this self directed video.  Speaking up for Your people, and against injustice takes guts.  I really think Solange is starting to rub off on the Queen Bey…lol.  We need more of this from the affluent African American in America.

Watch the full video below…


Published February 5, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

It’s like the ghost of 2Pac has come back to haunt Diddy.  Diddy really do it?  I personally don’t trust Diddy.  He comes off as a cold calculated do whatever it takes type to get what he wants.  Just my vibe though.  You know how the saying goes….what’s done in the dark, will eventually come to light.
A retired Los Angeles cop is convinced he’s cracked the case of Tupac Shakur’s decades-old murder — and the mastermind was none other than Sean (Diddy) Combs.
The music mogul formerly known as Puff Daddy offered Crips member Duane Keith (Keffe D) Davis $1 million to whack Shakur and his manager Suge Knight, former LAPD detective Greg Kading alleges in a new documentary based on his 2011 book “Murder Rap.”


When the gang member’s nephew, Orlando (Baby Lane) Anderson, eventually pulled the trigger, he fatally wounded Shakur but only injured Knight, Kading claims in the upcoming Netflix doc.


The shooting took place on a Las Vegas street in September 1996 and remains officially unsolved.

One ex-cop thinks he knows who killed Tupac Shakur.

Combs scoffed at the theory when it first surfaced with the book.
“The story is pure fiction and completely ridiculous,” he said.
But Kading, who led an LAPD task force investigating the shooting deaths of Shakur and Brooklyn rapper Biggie Smalls, wrangled a confession out of Keffe D after the Crips member feared facing charges for a different crime.
His personal copy is heard in the Netflix documentary.
“You get a very strong sense that he’s speaking very genuinely and transparently. He comes across as telling the story as someone who was there. The fluidity is very natural,” Kading told the Daily News on Thursday.
Diddy (seen in April 2014) had Shakur killed, a retired LAPD cop has alleged.

Hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur died in 1996.

“But what really convinced us it was true was all the corroboration,” he said. “He told us things that he couldn’t known unless he was actually a participant in the murder.”

For example, Keffe D knew there was a secondary shooting that night that investigators kept a secret, he said.
“There was engagement with one of the members of Tupac’s entourage. That was very critical and placed him at the scene of the crime with investigative information not previously made public,” Kading said.
He said it’s important to consider Combs’ “perspective” when weighing the allegations against the Bad Boy Entertainment mogul.

“He was in precarious situation where Suge Knight was actively hunting him down. Suge held him responsible for the (1995) death of a friend in Atlanta. So there was this sense of desperation that Combs was working from,” Kading claimed.
“There was a very clear and present danger. He’s not a calculating, sinister assassin, but a person trying to protect himself from something he knew was coming,” Kading said.
He said after Shakur’s death, a vengeful Knight shelled out $13,000 to his own hitman, Bloods member Wardell (Poochie) Fouse, to kill Smalls — a close friend of Diddy’s — as retaliation.
Smalls was gunned down in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997, six months after Shakur died.

Public fascination over the still-unsolved murders has endured nearly 20 years, fueling competing rumors and speculation.

Notorious B.I.G., aka Biggie Smalls (l.) leaves a Los Angeles party with producer Diddy on March 8, 1997, shortly before Smalls was shot to death.

Knight, 50, is currently behind bars in Los Angeles on charges of murder and attempted murder in an unrelated case.
He has pleaded not guilty to allegations he ran over two men with his truck, killing one, outside a Compton burger restaurant in January 2015.
The documentary in which Kading makes his case — also called “Murder Rap” — is due to stream on Netflix in June, he said.

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Published February 4, 2016 by sheezacoldpiece

My heart broke upon reading this news.  Earth, Wind & Fire founder Maurice White, whose horn-driven band sold more than 90 million albums and made hits like “September,” ”Shining Star” and “Boogie Wonderland,” died Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles, his brother Verdine said.

White, who was 74, suffered from Parkinson’s Disease and had retreated from the public even as the band he founded kept performing.
“My brother, hero and best friend Maurice White passed away peacefully last night in his sleep,” Verdine White, also a member of the band, told The Associated Press on Thursday. “While the world has lost another great musician and legend, our family asks that our privacy is respected as we start what will be a very difficult and life changing transition in our lives. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes.”

Rest in Paradise Maurice.  Your soul will forever live on through your music.  Thank you for blessing us with your gift and talent.